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All people working in our team have known eachother for some years now and we already worked together on lots of different assignments ranging from the easiest product pictures to the most demanding photo- and videoproductions which challenged all of our technical and artistical knowledge. We understand eachother with half a word and we have all noses pointed in the same direction: becoming the best creative team for (e-commerce) content creation.

Steven Lemmens
Steven Lemmens
InHouse Photographer
Gregory Bossanyi
Gregory Bossanyi
InHouse Videographer and Editor
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Based in Antwerp, IC-UC Studios is at the heart of the European fashion & lifestyle industry. We take on any project or request and can handle several creative and innovative projects.

We're a newbie on the market but we have the one and only goal to offer the best photography and videography services available in Western Europe.

IC UC Studios

There are really three parts to the creative process. First there is inspiration, then there is the execution, and finally there is the release.

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